Vito Ameruoso as.. Capt. Jack

Capt. Jack Sparrow Lookalike..




Here is Vito Ameruoso... as a Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike, Sound-a-like and interactive impersonator.

Vito has had a lot of experience entertaining crowds all around the states and performed as Jack Sparrow  on the cruise ships as well. His manorisims are spot on! You will be fooled into thinking hes the real Jack.

Whether it be birthday parties, theme nights, events or photo shoots Vito will be able to light up the atmosphere and deliver great entertainment without fail.

With the Pirates of the Caribbean films still going strong, it is no surprise that Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow is still one of the most loved characters to date!

Why not hire Vito for your next, Photo shoot, Event or Party?


Vito specializes in.. Corporate, Private, Festivals, Clubs , Cruise ships, Casinos, Country Clubs,  Hotel functions & more..